Xiaomi Reusable Bag

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Xiaomi Reusable Bag Turn environmental protection into a habit
Hara Kenya's masterpiece, makes technology more life-like Xiaomi's brand vision should incorporate the thinking of oriental philosophy. The more technology evolves, the closer it is to a real lifeform. Photo credit
Takashi Sekiguchi
Environmentally friendly DuPont™ paper, easy to recycle and reuse Tyvek*DuPont™ paper is a high-density polyethylene treated with a special process that can be fully recycled and reused. DUPONT Tyvek
DuPont® and Tyvek™ are trademarks of DuPont's affiliates.
Foldable, easy to store, can be carried around Fashion out of the street, show your individuality It can be carried daily for all your shopping needs. The bag protects environment, every time it is used, it the same as saving a plastic bag.
Durable and strong texture
Stroll around to buy groceries
Combining the material properties of paper, film and fabric, it is light, strong, tear-resistant and reusable.
Small weight and large capacity will ease your shopping The millet eco-friendly bag is light in texture and small in weight, with increased capacity, fully meeting the needs of daily shopping.
Low-key gray or shining orange, two-color optional The main body of the reusable bags are all white, with an orange print with a black woven rope handle, and a gray print with a gray woven handle.
Xiaomi Eco Bag "Sight Chart" Limited Edition Xiaomi and netizens co-create design, hot upper body. Look left, look right, look far, look close, no matter how you look, it looks good. Limited edition of two, interesting styles Two designs, each limited to 1000 pieces.


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