Xiaomi Smart Camera C300

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Xiaomi Smart Camera C300 With super clear 2K image quality and upgraded AI 3 megapixel | F1.4 large aperture
Full colour in low-light | AI human detection
2K ultra-clear HD*, fully upgraded image quality The Xiaomi Smart Camera C300 uses ultra-clear HD technology to capture more detailed images.
Enjoy an improved visual experience with fully upgraded 2K ultra-clear HD technology.
True clarity in every frame.* Standard HD resolution: 1920 × 1080=1080p (2 megapixel);
Upgraded ultra-clear HD resolution: 2304 × 1296=1296p (3 megapixel)
F1.4 large aperture for clear picture even under low-light conditions The F1.4 large aperture lens lets significantly more light enter, capturing detailed images even in low-light conditions.
Upgraded 6P lens for a higher-quality display The fully upgraded lens effectively reduces light refraction for clearer, more detailed images.
Clear images even in low-light Features a high-sensitivity image sensor, displays colour video even under low-light conditions.
Switches to black and white video in low-light conditions. Standard Security Camera
Continues to display colour video even in low-light conditions Xiaomi Smart Camera C300
Display camera video output on your device Simply ask your Mi Smart Clock to show real-time video output from your camera*.
The AI human detection effectively filters false alarms With a combination of deep-learning applications, as well as algorithm and network optimisation, AI effectively filters false alarms for improved accuracy.
360° pan-tilt-zoom panoramic view for all-round monitoring with no blind spots Features a dual-axis pan-tilt-zoom motor, with a 360° horizontal viewing angle and 108° vertical viewing angle.
Two-way voice calls in real time, so you can "visit home" whenever you like Supports two-way real-time voice calling that feels like a face-to-face conversation, so you can chat intimately with your loved ones no matter where you are.
Seamless viewing that saves storage space New-generation H.265 video encoding technology enables seamless viewing under normal network conditions, saves bandwidth, and provides a clear and detailed picture.
H.265 videos require only 50% of the storage space required for traditional H.264 videos at the same pixel and data rate, allowing you to save half the storage space.
  • Saves 50% video storage space
  • Saves 50% bandwidth
Three storage methods for increased security Supports three storage methods, a local Micro SD card, NAS devices and the cloud, so you can back up your data with peace of mind.
  • Local Micro SD card*
    Up to 256 GB of storage.
  • Network attached storage
    Historical video back-ups from the Micro SD card.
  • Free 7-Day Rolling Cloud
    Storage of Motion-Triggered Video Clips*
Supports remote viewing on multiple devices and 16× speed playback. Supports remote viewing on multiple devices* including smartphones and tablets.
1×/4×/16× speed playback via the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app for video history stored on the Micro SD card.
Save time and effort with quick and easy browsing.
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
BSI Kitemark™ certified*
The data security you can trust
KM 748156 - BS EN 303645 - Xiaomi Smart Camera C300.
KM 748178 - Mi Home/Xiaomi Home App.
Fully encrypted to protect your privacy Equipped with the Xiaomi Security Chip, the camera can fundamentally prevent privacy leakage caused by video streaming, device forgery, etc.
  • Fully encrypted data transmission
  • AES-128 encryption via the cloud
  • Customisable sleep times
*The encrypted video can only be viewed on devices authorized by you in your Xiaomi Home App. Any other devices or person (including Xiaomi internal engineers) will not have access to the video images.
Supports standard and inverted mounting, with 180° screen rotation Includes screw-in base accessories for easy installation*. For inverted mounting, rotate the screen in camera settings to display the picture normally.
Enable your security camera in three simple steps
  • Download the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app
  • Power on the Xiaomi Smart Camera C300
  • Open the app, search for and connect to the device to use it normally
  • Notes:
  • *Images are for illustrative purposes only, image clarity may vary depending on the display used.
  • *Voice control function available on smart speaker and smart display devices that work with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
  • *Micro SD card sold separately. It is recommended to use a microSD card with a reading/writing speed of no less than U1/Class 10.
  • *Records about 10 seconds per video. The camera can be motion triggered every 3min - 30min.*Images are for illustrative purposes only, image clarity may vary depending on the display used.
  • *Supports devices with Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 and above.
  • *To ensure that your camera operates normally, please do not place in an overly humid environment, or any other location where the camera may be at risk of water damage.
  • *Xiaomi Smart Camera C300 obtained the Kitemark™ Certification for Residential IoT Devices from British Standard Institution (BSI), the business improvement and standards company. Additionally, Xiaomi Home app obtained the Kitemark™ Certification for Secure Digital Applications. Obtaining the Kitemark™ certifications means that Xiaomi products are in compliance with the best security practices, including the EN303645 standard issued by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

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